Art and Craft Supply: Omnigrid 18-Inch-by-24-Inch Gridded Cutting Mat

Brand : DRITZ
Color : Blue
Manufacture : DRITZ
Label : DRITZ
Publisher : DRITZ
Product Group : Art and Craft Supply
Product Type Name : ART_AND_CRAFT_SUPPLY
Studio : DRITZ
EAN : 0072879250107

Product Specifications

  • Self-healing base
  • Durable cutting surface on both sides
  • Excellent for quilting, crafting, scrapbooking

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Product Description

Cutting Mat has a self-healing base .25 hash marks on all four sides 1 inch grid marks on all four sides and two bias diagonals; markings are in yellow. Cutting surface on both sides grids on one side. 1.5mm thickness. Mats are true full-size meaning an 18x24 mat has 18x24 measurements plus .50 inch salvage all around. Color: Royal Blue.