Sports: McNett Gear Aid Freesole Shoe Repair

Brand : IMS
Manufacture : IMS
Label : IMS
Publisher : IMS
Product Group : Sports
Product Type Name : SPORTING_GOODS
Studio : IMS

Product Specifications

  • Urethane Formula Shoe Repair
  • Permanently Reattaches Soles
  • Dries to Flexible Urethane that will not crack
  • Works On All Types of Foorwear
  • Manufactured by McNett

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Product Description

The McNett Gear Aid Freesole, Urethane Formula Shoe Repair permanently re-attaches soles to boots and shoes; repairs rands; toe caps; and worn soles. It dries to a tough; flexible urethane that will not crack. Use Freesole to reattach and rebuild the soles of all your boots and shoes!. Works on all types of footwear; including boots; athletic shoes; climbing shoes; rollerblades and much more.