Art and Craft Supply: Set of 3 Bamboo Reed Pens

Brand : FineArtStore
Manufacture : FineArtStore
Label : FineArtStore
Publisher : FineArtStore
Product Group : Art and Craft Supply
Product Type Name : ART_AND_CRAFT_SUPPLY
Studio : FineArtStore

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Product Description

Bamboo Reed Pens...Hard strong bamboo shafts hand carved into a shape that is perfect for black line drawing and calligraphy. To be used with liquid ink. Small medium and large sizes with different knibs to produce a range of fine to heavy lines. The different size reservoirs allow you to put down different amounts of ink with each dip. The small pen is approximately 6" long medium is 7-1/2" and large is 8-/2". Size and shape will vary slightly from set to set as that these are hand carved! Made in China.