Art and Craft Supply: Martha Stewart Crafts Happy Halloween Bat Garland

Brand : Martha Stewart Crafts
Manufacture : Martha Stewart Crafts
Label : Martha Stewart Crafts
Publisher : Martha Stewart Crafts
Product Group : Art and Craft Supply
Product Type Name : ART_AND_CRAFT_SUPPLY
Studio : Martha Stewart Crafts
EAN : 0015586867268

Product Specifications

  • Makes one glittered garland
  • Create meaningful memories by hand with innovative crafting essentials from lifestyle expert Martha Stewart
  • In each product you?ll find the quality, thoughtful attention to detail, and how-to expertise that?s reflective of Martha?s signature style

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Product Description

Happy Halloween Bat Garland. "Happy Halloween" garland with glittered letters is ideal for decorating windows, walls, party tables, and mantels.