Art and Craft Supply: Pazzles Inspiration Embossing Tool

Brand : Pazzles
Color : Blue
Manufacture : Pazzles
Label : Pazzles
Publisher : Pazzles
Product Group : Art and Craft Supply
Product Type Name : ART_AND_CRAFT_SUPPLY
Studio : Pazzles
EAN : 0718122982400

Product Specifications

  • Pazzles inspiration embossing tool created exclusively for Pazzles creative cutter inspiration
  • Pazzles inspiration embossing tool is a high quality metal tool that includes a stylus head on each end of the tool, one smaller for intricate detail and the other larger for bold designs
  • Includes embossing tool and instructions
  • Great for foil, vellum, suede paper and more; Pazzles highly recommends the use of Pazzles plush needle piercing /embossing mat with the inspiration embossing tool to get the embossed affect with the tool
  • Inspiration embossing tool measures 2-3/4-inch by 3/4-inch; Made in China

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Product Description

Pazzles Inspiration Embossing Tool exclusively for Pazzles Creative Cutter Inspiration. Create amazing embossed and debossed effects for your projects with an Embossing Tool. The two embossing tips give you freedom to decide between intricate detail or bold design. Use on many different materials. Explore the endless possibilities waiting for you with the Inspiration Embossing Tool. Please note that when you receive your tool, the paper backing behind your tool opens into a booklet with instructions and tips inside. Pazzles Needle Piercing / Embossing Mat highly recommended for deeper embossed affect.